a person skilled in mathematics
Derivationally related forms: ↑mathematics
Topics: ↑mathematics, ↑math, ↑maths
Hypernyms: ↑scientist
Instance Hyponyms:
Abel, ↑Niels Abel, ↑Niels Henrik Abel, ↑Alhazen, ↑Alhacen, ↑al-Haytham, ↑Ibn al-Haytham, ↑Al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham, ↑Archimedes, ↑Bayes, ↑Thomas Bayes, ↑Bernoulli, ↑Jakob Bernoulli, ↑Jacques Bernoulli, ↑James Bernoulli, ↑Johann Bernoulli, ↑Jean Bernoulli, ↑John Bernoulli, ↑Bessel, ↑Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, ↑Boole, ↑George Boole, ↑Bowditch, ↑Nathaniel Bowditch, ↑Condorcet, ↑Marquis de Condorcet, ↑Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat, ↑Descartes, ↑Rene Descartes, ↑Diophantus, ↑Eratosthenes, ↑Euler, ↑Leonhard Euler, ↑Fermat, ↑Pierre de Fermat, ↑Fourier, ↑Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, ↑Baron Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, ↑Galois, ↑Evariste Galois, ↑Gauss, ↑Karl Gauss, ↑Karl Friedrich Gauss, ↑Godel, ↑Kurt Godel, ↑Hamilton, ↑William Rowan Hamilton, ↑Sir William Rowan Hamilton, ↑Hero, ↑Heron, ↑Hero of Alexandria, ↑Hilbert, ↑David Hilbert, ↑Hipparchus, ↑Jacobi, ↑Karl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, ↑Klein, ↑Felix Klein, ↑Kronecker, ↑Leopold Kronecker, ↑Laplace, ↑Marquis de Laplace, ↑Pierre Simon de Laplace, ↑Leibniz, ↑Leibnitz, ↑Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, ↑Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, ↑Lobachevsky, ↑Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, ↑Mandelbrot, ↑Benoit Mandelbrot, ↑Markov, ↑Andrei Markov, ↑Markoff, ↑Andre Markoff, ↑Minkowski, ↑Hermann Minkowski, ↑Mobius, ↑August F. Mobius, ↑August Ferdinand Mobius, ↑Muller, ↑Johann Muller, ↑Regiomontanus, ↑Napier, ↑John Napier, ↑Newton, ↑Isaac Newton, ↑Sir Isaac Newton, ↑Noether, ↑Emmy Noether, ↑Omar Khayyam, ↑Pascal, ↑Blaise Pascal, ↑Peirce, ↑Benjamin Peirce, ↑Pythagoras, ↑Riemann, ↑Bernhard Riemann, ↑Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, ↑Turing, ↑Alan Turing, ↑Alan Mathison Turing, ↑Veblen, ↑Oswald Veblen, ↑Vernier, ↑Paul Vernier, ↑von Neumann, ↑Neumann, ↑John von Neumann, ↑Weil, ↑Andre Weil, ↑Whitehead, ↑Alfred North Whitehead, ↑Wiener, ↑Norbert Wiener

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